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Monday, 10th March 2014

On the 10th March, my class and I went on a trip to Schilpario (Bergamo). We weren't alone: with us there were our teachers and the students of others classes. We were a lot of people!
At 6 o'clock we were at school and  at 6:35 we took the coach, a big one!! I sat near Benny and behind us there were Nico and Michi: They were always chatting  and we were taking photos..
During the trip we listened to music, took photos, chatted and also laughed a lot... 
At 10.30 we arrived in Schilpario (BG) and first of all we had a break.: We ate brioches and drunk milk.. But someone ate chips. too!
When we arrived at the place, we took the skis and  the adventure began . We were split up into different groups. I was with Anita  and we enjoyed ourselves a lot!! I wasn’t  going too fast, but the best thing is that I fell only once, down a big slope!! My friend fell six or seven times!! I watched my friends skiing and some of them were going really fast and others were shouting my name, encouraging me! Also teacher  Rigoni was going really fast: he is an expert!!!!But the teacher Perna was going quite slowly, like me, and teacher Simari took a video of her!
Anyway at 12.30 we got to a restaurant and we ate three types of pasta  and rice, some vegetables and different cakes as dessert. There was also fruit and bread.  All of us were full as we ate a lot!!
Then we went skiing again, but someone didn't ski: Michela, Benedetta, Nicol, Sharon and I walked on the snow with  the teachers  Simari, Perna and Peola. I took photos of some of my classmates and the worst thing was that our friend Giulia fell down and now she has some problems at walking.
At 4.35 pm  we got on the coach and this time behind Benny and me, there were Adel and Edo, and they disturbed us a lot, so Benny hit them with her hands and we laughed a lot, hearing that, teacher Simari, who was sleeping near Lisa, woke up.
Then we watched a cartoon : The Simpson, but Benny and I were more interested in taking photos. Others friends were sleeping and some of my friends were sleeping on Enrico!! Poor... We also stopped at a café, because my friend wanted to go to the  bathroom!! We stopped only for her.. ! And then our classmates got off the coach and went with her to get some food!!! Food…. hmm... no!  they bought chewing-gums and chips!!
At 8.00 pm we arrived in Milan and my father and I went home: we arrived there at 8.30 and I quickly fell asleep , luckily I had prepared my school bag the day before!
I loved that experience! I ‘d like  to go to Schilpario again with my class!
Nithya Lokuge Samadhi
class 3^C

On the 10th of March 2014 my class, 3^ C,  went to Schilpario with other two classes. Schilpario  is a place near Bergamo with famous ski runs mainly for cross-country skiing.
We met in front of the school at ten past six and we left twenty minutes later; we arrived at half past eight.  In the morning we learned how to ski with a teacher and in the afternoon we could ski all by ourselves, also in the little wood behind the ski run.
We had lunch at the hotel Edelweiss, there was a lot of good food: tagliatelle with ragu, rice, pasta and a lot of vegetables. For dessert there were five types of very good cakes.
Then, we met in front of the dressing room and we left at half past six. We arrived here in Milan at 8 o’clock pm.

Giorgia Fabbris

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