domenica 4 maggio 2014



On the 4th April, my class and I went to Rovereto to visit the museum of the First World War and the Second World War. We were with 3^A and there were four teachers: prof. Ferlito, prof.  Galuccci, prof.  Montanari and prof.  Peola.
At 7.15 we left Milan, we got on a coach, my class sat on the right side and 3A on the left. I was near Michela and in front of us there were Anita and Gaia. Behind us there were Jeremia and Riccardo Donati. During the three hours on the coach, we watched a film, called Armageddon. It was fantastic and I didn't miss anything of it.
I  also chatted with Miky and we took photos....
At 9 o'clock we stopped at a motorway restaurant, we had a break and we went to the toilettes. Some of us ate brioches or biscuits.
Then we got on the coach again and we realized that the driver wasn’t  kind at all.
Anyway, at 10.30,  we went to the museum and we bought souvenirs…
Then my class visited the First World War zone. We saw weapons, airplanes, uniforms, helmets,  the radio rooms,  some advertisments,  the ‘propaganda’ and the “Campana dei Caduti”.
 As there wasn't much time, we didn't visit all the museum but we were surprised of the things that were kept there... 
At 13.15 we had our packed lunch at the “Centro Pastorale  Beata Giovanna”.  
I had two sandwiches with ham and cheese and even a fruit juice. Some of us had pasta, like Jeremia and Matteo !!
During the free time the boys played football and  the girls played  hide and seek. It was fantastic... I took a lot of funny photos...
Then, at 14 30, the  second part of the visit started,  we went to a place where there was an interactive whiteboard and we watched a presentation on the Second World War, but it was quite boring  as it said the same things that we had studied at school.
The best things were the old school reports and documents and we could  even answer to some questions as we were very well prepared and our teachers were happy.
At 16.30 we returned to the coach and we got on. Some of us continued watching the film, others slept or listened to the music… or even sang, like Jere and Michi, that began  singing Winx! Crazy, no???
Then we watched  a film on black and white people and it was really good and amazing.
We were in  Milan at 19.30.
Everybody had gone, but Anita, Giorgia, Sophie, Fede, our parents and I talked a little bit with the teachers about the trip.
A student of the other class forgot her bag on the coach and the teacher  Peola ran behind the coach, which was going; luckily it stopped. The driver was going without saying anything or controlling that anyone hadn’t forgot his personal things!!
Finally, the teacher returned with the bag and we said: “GOOD BYE..! to all”.

It was a beautiful, fantastic day .

Nithya Lokuge Samadhi
class 3^C

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